This is what ChatGPT says about skipping

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Don’t get caught up to these crooks

Read this tip if you have plans to repair/replace the garage door.

First, it was my bad I forgot to service my garage door. There is no need to get the handyman for this . You can do it yourself, just buy WD-40 from bunnings and apply that to all mechanical parts of the door.

When the springs for the garage door is not serviced, it becomes a heavy load to the motor and will try to draw more current. As a result the 10A fuse inside the motor will burn out.

I had this issue and didnt bother checking the fuse, ( also it wasnt known to me as well and I was getting ready for the holidays) as the motor was used for a quite long time. I called the door repair guy and and he came and just said its busted and needs to replace the motor, which cost me $750 in total.

After the replacement, the guy was trying to take the motor and accessories with him. I asked him to keep, just for me to play around and I can bin in later.

After a bit of debugging I found where the issue was ( cost is < $1 ), and called to company and 1made the complaint. After a while the they called me and offered the options to reinstall the old one or charge only the cost.

Moral of the story, just check the fuse before calling the door repair guy.

Use this to service

Where the fuse is located, ( 1.11 )

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Intel NUC or Raspberry PI ?

What ultimately matters is ROI, output/performance per 1w. ( if we ignore the cost factor ). In that perspective Intel NUC is way ahead than Raspberry PI. So why waiting if Raspberry Pi is out of stock.

Power is just a bit higher than Raspberry PI,

  • NUC with Ubuntu 22 ( i5 , 16GB, SSD ) – 7.2W
  • Raspberry Pi is with Raspbian ( Model 4, 8GB ) – 4.8W
  • Both running LAMP stack
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Another point of view

A 2013 documentary, still its worth watching. TBH I enjoyed every second. Its free on YouTube with subtitles.

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Gmail SMTP will no longer be supported. What’s next?

I was using gmail smtp with PHP application for a long time and now they stopped the smtp .

After looking for a solution for a some time, I found this easy way. ( not sure whether its the easiest way, ping me if not )

I used raspberry pi 4 with LAMP for testing.

  1. How to install LAMP on raspberry pi
  2. Install sSMTP
    • Remove any previous mail palcakge
      1. service sendmail stop
      2. service postfix stop
      3. sudo apt-get remove sendmail
      4. sudo apt-get remove postfix
  3. Install sSMTP
    • sudo apt-get install ssmtp
    • nano /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf

For me the free quota from elasticemail is more than enough.

It’s now ready for testing

$message = "Hi, how are you doing?";
mail('', 'Email Subject', $message);

Check the log for any errors

tail -f /var/log/mail.log

Following sites were updated with LAMP+sSMTP message sending functionality ( & )

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Smart On FHIR

Following application demonstrates the simplest implementation of Smart On Fhir framework.

Technology Stack:

  • ASP.NET Core
  • React
  • Bootstrap

Source :

Documentation :

Launch url : https://localhost:xxxxx/launch

Redirect url : https://localhost:xxxxx/index

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QC-1929 : Oscilloscope Testing

Why going for high end oscilloscope, when we have QC-1929 for a price less than $150. It has most of the features for general use.

  1. Maximum
  2. Minimum
  3. Peak to Peak
  4. Mean
  5. Frequency
  6. Period
  7. Amplitude
  8. Any many more which it not used frequently

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React Software Architecture

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React Essentials

More Details

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Gardening and tool review

Makita electric chain saw no wonder the best tool with low maintainence.

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