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FileUploadListner is not working with PrimeFaces 4.0

I tried using fileUploadListener with <p:fileUpload> ( PrimeFaces 4.0 ), but had no luck with get it working. The solution I found is to use <rich:fileUpload  fileUploadListener > . . For this you need to include xmlns:rich=”; xmlns:a4j=”; and update … Continue reading


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Common JSF , Hibernate issues

1. Autowire doesnt work inside a converter     I’ve looked  for a solution and found a workaround , and make converter to a service and use the converter as below ,  <h:selectOneMenu id=”cityMenu” value=”#{bean.cityList[0]}” converter=”#{cityConverter}”> <f:selectItems value=”#{referenceData.cityList}” var=”city” itemValue=”#{}” … Continue reading

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Installation of KVM , one step is missing

All clearly explained in the link below , However one step is missing , to enable virtualisation from BIOS.    

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