Pointing a domain to the Heroku app with Namecheap

Click this link to view

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Customising Bootstrap Gutter

Simple way to customise gutters.



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Fix git error “Modified Content, Untracked Content”

In three steps,

  1. You may have .git folder inside the untracked content folder. Remove it.
  2. git rm -rf –cached  /untracked_directory
  3. git add . , git commit -m “Message” and so on..
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How to create a web switch -tutorial on Hobbyist

This is a very good tutorial on how to create a web switch.


All parts can be ordered from  the same site.  The tutorial is almost correct apart from that new relays blink with RED ( not GREEN )



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Even if you dont have a static IP this will help you to map.

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Import VCF files to iPhone

After trying several methods of importing vcf file ( from iTunes and iCloud ) to iPhone , I found an easy way on the following link,


First import the vcf file to Google Mail , contacts and then and follow the steps in the above link. It will automatically sync contacts.

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How to make an Arduino Radar

Fully working example for Arduino radar project with ultrasonic sensor.



A minor change was made instead of windows COM port, if you are using Linux. Need to find out the correct serial port. In my case /dev/ttyUSB1. So when opening the serial port on Processing,  use the following code.

sPort = new Serial(this,”/dev/ttyUSB1″, 9600).

Serial port data can be viewed using serial client screen,

to install: sudo apt-get install screen

to open : screen /dev/ttyUSB1 9600

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